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ConnStem products may be ordered by any of the following methods:


1.  If your organization utilizes a system based template such as SciQuest, please complete that document and simply email to:


2.  You may also place an order with ConnStem by using the ConnStem Order Form below.  After providing all required information, simply hit Send and your done.


3.  In the event where it is not possible to utilize your internal ordering system and/or access to electronic communication is unavailable, orders may be placed by calling 203-558-4671.   All verbal orders, however, must be confirmed by email to within 24 hours to insure product release and timely delivery.


In all cases, please be sure that the required information (see ConnStem Order Form below) that you are responsible for is accurate to insure that your order is handled as efficiently and  expeditiously as possible.


Please contact ConnStem for current pricing as prices are subject to change without notice.  If you think that your institution, agency or company receives preferred pricing, please bring that to our attention through your point of contact.

Ordering Information

Organizations wishing to order products from ConnStem may do so by email to: or calling   203-558-4671.  All verbal orders must be confirmed by email to this same address within 24 hours to insure product release.   All orders must include the following information:

  1. Valid Purchase Order #:
  2. Full name of customer to whom the product will be delivered:
  3. Customer Ship-To address:
  4. Customer Bill- To address:
  5. Product Cat.#:
  6. Product Name:
  7. Unit Size:
  8. Number of Units being ordered:
  9. Price per Unit:
  10. Requested Delivery Date:

Customer assumes responsibility for providing ConnStem with accurate information at the time of order placement.  Under most circumstances, ConnStem will respond within 24 hours with confirmation of PO receipt and provide a projected delivery date.

On-line Purchasing Networks

UCONN:     HuskyBuy                                   YALE  SciQuest

Vendor ID: B00047047                                  Supplier ID: 13426875

Vendor #: 27-0656902                                   Vendor #: 323827


If you believe that your institution or company might have established purchasing agreements with ConnStem or you would like to set an agreement up, please contact


Shipping & Delivery

All orders will be processed and delivered as quickly as possible with consideration given  to the maintenance of product integrity.  If you have specific concerns or require expedited shipping, please contact us at:

Fees are prepaid and added to the invoice as a separate line item.


All other details concerning your purchase can be found by clicking on the following:  Terms and Conditions


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