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ConnStem is pleased to introduce:


BT+ (Bis-Tris) & TG+ (Tris-Glycine)

Precast Protein Mini Gels.

… the newest Gen-eration of research tools for use in protein separation

Gen10 BT+ and Gen10 TG+ gels utilize the industry standard Polyacrylamide matrix to deliver performance equivalent to years of published research. This platform, along with engineering and innovative buffer and gel chemistry are being combined to create ease-of-use modifications and superior performance in areas such as Protein Seperation, Resolution, and Western Transfer.

Cat. # Product Name Gel % Well # - Volume Quantity Price
Gen10 TG+ (Tris-Glycine) Precast Protein Mini Gels

Gen10 TG+ (Tris-Glycine) Protein Mini Gel

40A02 10X Tris-Glycine-SDS Running Buffer 1 L $25
40A05 10X Tris-Glycine Running Buffer 1 L $25
Gen10 BT+ (Bis-Tris) Precast Protein Mini Gels

Gen10 BT+ (Bis-Tris) Protein Mini Gel

40A03 20X MOPS SDS Running Buffer 500 mL $68
40A04 20X MES SDS Running Buffer 500 mL $68
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