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ConnStem is a privately-held corporation with operations located in Cheshire, CT.


The products and services offered by ConnStem represent are a compilation of hands-on experience working in the following market areas:


 Research Use Only Products

 In Vitro Diagnostics – Human and Veterinary



Our corporate structure is a hybrid consisting of both employees and contractors which are selected based on expertise and ability to satisfy the needs of our customers. ConnStem has enlisted members of the scientific community to provide direction in their respective disciplines and other professionals who provide guidance in areas of business development.


Founders Message & Dedication



You may have been the target of my outstretched hand as I walked the halls of your institution.  This Web-Site is dedicated to:


Those whose thoughts and words have been assimilated here to serve as the foundation of our inspiration;


You who have embraced ConnStem and found value in our products and service; your confidence is our fuel and your success at the core of our purpose;


All who have shared their knowledge and dreams while still buried in learning that may  one day give hope to others;  keep the passion alive and may your pursuit of understanding be fulfilled, and your visions realized;


You who instilled self-assurance and invoked the courage from within to pen this site;


And finally to all those who came from both near and far and to now call Connecticut their home.  I look forward to meeting you soon.  ConnStem is located just around the corner … in your backyard.

Noel Richard, Founder

ConnStem, Inc.

“It’s not just business, it’s personal”

Mission & Philosophy

Mission: ConnStem’s mission is to play a role in driving productivity, innovation and competitiveness throughout the Connecticut BioCluster.


Philosophy: ConnStem is driven by a belief in the Great Hope which science has to offer and the Shared-Value it can create for all residing in the communities we live and serve.

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