ConnStem, Inc. was formed in 2009 and is a rising star in the supply-chain of products and services for Life Science Research, In-Vitro Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The use of ConnStem Cytokines has been published in scientific journals including the Journal of Immunology, Blood, Stem Cell Development, PNAS, Stem Cell Translational Medicine. The Gen10 Bioscience line of Pre Cast B-T+ and T-G+ Protein Mini-Gels introduced by ConnStem have provided technical solutions for customers in several areas of performance including protein separation, staining, resolution and transfer.

Our services focus on the needs of the scientific community for partners having product development experience or facilities suitable for commercialization:

Diagnostic Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
FDA approval (2018)

This combination of products and services has created value for both scientists and ConnStem as well in fulfillment of our mission to play a role in driving “productivity, innovation and competitiveness” throughout the scientific community we serve.

What's New

NOVEMBER 11, 2017

November 11 was a great opportunity for ConnStem to take part in 2 events.

Ball & Socket Arts, Inc. was formed by three graduates of Cheshire High School with deep roots in the arts. That influence can be seen today in their work as artists and teachers, in music administration (New York City Ballet), and costume design (Yale School of Drama).

The trio purchased the 55,000+ square-foot Ball & Socket Factory on 3 1/2-acres in Cheshire, CT where buttons were manufactured from 1850 until 1994. The three intend to renovate the space into art galleries, classrooms, performance areas, dining/food court areas and arts-related retail spaces.

ConnStem sends best wishes to Ball & Socket Arts in their effort and we look forward to the first event!!!

Cheshire's Lights of Hope began in 2005 and takes place annually during the Fall season. Luminaries which have been placed along streets throughout the town, are lit at dusk to serve as beacons for acts of kindness, generosity and hope for a brighter world.

The event promotes volunteerism (requiring nearly 100 in 2017 from street captains to clean up crews) and encourages good citizenship. With over $770,000 raised and 100% of proceeds available, the event has helped hundreds of area families and charities including:

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Cheshire's Food Pantry

Matt Hall Foundation & Mari's Miles of Smiles

Petit Family Foundation

The Josh Budd Wounded War Vet Fund

Cheshire's Lights of Hope Scholarship Fund

Team Jenifer Beer Tasting for MS

American Cancer Society

Cheshire Youth and Social Services (food and fuel vouchers)

Vic House Tournament for Wounded Warriors

Haley’s Hope & Michaela’s Miracle

ConnStem has been honored to serve as a Lights of Hope Street Captain for the past few years. With regret, we are unable to perform this function in 2018. If you are ready to carry the torch, let us know.

JUNE 24, 2017

ConnStem is thrilled to have participated for the 4th year in this annual event at Southington Country Club. Hosted by Charity Cycling Challenges, Inc., all proceeds from this tournament are used to benefit local Special Olympics programs in West Hartford, Cheshire, Bristol, Tri-Town and Southington. If you would like to join ConnStem for the 2018 event, please get in-touch.

APRIL 22, 2017

ConnStem was pleased to participate in the March for Science held on April 22, 2017 in New Haven, CT. With over 3,000 supporters in attendance, we were proud to walk alongside our neighbors who actively take responsibility for the well-being of our communities and those who have buried themselves in learning for the purpose of bringing hope to others.

March for Science New Haven March for Science New Haven Sign
APRIL 11, 2017

ConnStem was delighted to participate in the STEM program held at Wilbur Cross High School on April 11, 2017. ConnStem believes that by sharing our talents, we strengthen the communities in which we live. The half-day event was spent talking with students about their interests, sharing our experiences in science and exploring the many options available that can lead to successful careers. We would like to specifically thank Yale graduate students Olga Buzovetsky, Samantha Ziegler, and Kirsten Knecht who sought our participation and helped organize the event. ConnStem would gladly participate in the next event, so please keep us in mind.

Wilber Cross High School Stem Program



The following is a summary of publications that cite ConnStem as their cytokine supplier. Many articles were published by local scientists who find value working with ConnStem. We want to thank each of you for including ConnStem in your research and we renew our commitment to your success.

ConnStem Product Citations (January 2017)

Cell Death and Disease January 2017 (online) rM-CSF (ConnStem Inc., CT, USA)
Stem Cells Trans. Med. January 2017 6(1): 40-50 rH BMP-2(ConnStem Inc., Cheshire, CT)
Blood August 2016 120(7): 923-33 rH IL-3, IL-6, SCF, Flt-3, TPO
Endocrin August 2016 157(8): 3036-46 rM M-CSF, RANKL(CONNSTEM, Inc).
Cancer Res July 2016 76(13): 2884-94 mM-CSF(Connstem, Inc. Cat# M2000)
Throm. & Haemostasis March 2016 116(3)506-16 rH IL-3 &T PO; rM Flt3,SCF,IL-3, TPO
PLoS ONE January 2016 11(1) ActivinA, BMP2, BMP4, HGF, TGFbeta-1,
EGF, FGF1, FGF2, IGF-2, TNFalpha
PNAS August 2015 112(34): 4717-4725 h EGF, hFGF, human SCF, ConnStem
Nat.Gen. July 2015 47: 996-1002 basic FGF (ConnStem, F1001)
Blood July 2015 126(4): 520-530 mTPO (ConnStem)
Stem Cells& Dvlpmnt April 2015 24(8):1022-33 rH FGF, basic
Science Febuary 2015 347(6224): 842-847 bFGF (ConnStem, Inc.)
Nature C. Febuary 2015 6:6221 rH&rM M-CSF (ConnStem Inc., CT USA)
J. Virology May 2014 88(9): 4932-4942 basic FGF (ConnStem Cheshire, CT)
PLoS ONE April 2014 9(4): e95593. rH-SCF, IL-3& IL-6 (ConnStem)
Stem Cells& Dvlpmnt. May 2013 22(10):1477 FGF2 (CONNStem)
J. Immun. May 2013 190(10): 5196-5206 differentiated in rM-CSF (ConnStem)
Blood September 2012 120(11): 2317-2329 murine thrombopoietin mTPO ConnStem
Dev. Cell March 2012 22: 573-584 murine TPO (ConnStem, Cheshire, CT)
J. Immun. April 2010 184 Supplemnt1 86.3 human IL-3, IL-4, IL-6, IL-9, SCF
Exp Hem. August 2009 37(10): 1143-1156 rh-SCF & rh-IL-3 (ConnStem)
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